Signeato Pricing is Neato

With Signeato, you can have unlimited signatures and unlimited users with NO CONTRACTS!

Our pricing is simple. The cost is only $2 per document. We have a plethora or promotions and programs available that can make the cost even lower. Many of our competitors require you to sign up with a monthly fee and they typically have a limit of signatures per month. No us. Cuz we’re groovy.

Don’t be a business chump

If you’re still sending documents via email to your customers for signatures, quit being a chump and implement something different like Signeato. Technology is causing businesses to focus on customer experience and emailing documents is annoying because it’s a tedious process for your customer to return the signed document back to you. The have to download the document, sign it, scan it, blah, blah, blah. With Signeato, you simply upload the document you want signed, designate who you want to sign it, place your signature targets, and bam, you’re done. Your customer gets notified when there is a document to review and sign. They can sign on their computer or they can send the document directly to their mobile device for a convenient signature capture. Signeato allows you to manage the entire process virtually and you get real time status updates of when your customers have reviewed and signed the document. Once all have signed, everyone involved gets a copy of the signed document via email. Basically, you have turned an annoying 20-minute process into a 2-minute enjoyable experience. Now that is cool-o-roonie.

Cool Beans Integrations

Signeato is currently building our integration API and it’s our goal to make it extremely easy to integrate into your web app. If you’re interested in implementing an e-signing tool within your product, give us a jingle and let’s talk.

You’re emailing documents for signature? Man, what a drag.

Don’t you hate it when someone emails you a document for you to sign and you’re left thinking, “Ahhh man, how the heck am I supposed to accomplish this?” They expect you to open ┬áthe document, print it, sign it, scan it, and then email it back. This is annoying and time consuming. Fortunately, there is Signeato. Signeato is the quickest and easiest way to sign PDF documents eliminating the hassle of doing the above. It is perfect for business or personal use. Give it a try at

The 1970’s sure was fun

The decade of the 1970s certainly was a fun and stylish time. Everyday life was inundated with vibrant warm colors and eye numbing patterns along with freaky mustaches and sideburns. The automobiles of the 1970s had muscle and the music started to flirt with technology. The most of us look at the 1970s as weird, but interesting time. Therefore, Signeato is having a far out time highlighting the 1970s as our branding theme. Check out our social media posts that are guaranteed to make you chuckle.

Signing PDF documents made easy

Today, e-signing documents is becoming very popular because of its ease of use and time saving benefits. There are many options available for e-signing, but most of them are complicated and expensive. Signeato was developed to make capturing e-signatures very easy and convenient.