Don’t be a business chump

If you’re still sending documents via email to your customers for signatures, quit being a chump and implement something different like Signeato. Technology is causing businesses to focus on customer experience and emailing documents is annoying because it’s a tedious process for your customer to return the signed document back to you. The have to download the document, sign it, scan it, blah, blah, blah. With Signeato, you simply upload the document you want signed, designate who you want to sign it, place your signature targets, and bam, you’re done. Your customer gets notified when there is a document to review and sign. They can sign on their computer or they can send the document directly to their mobile device for a convenient signature capture. Signeato allows you to manage the entire process virtually and you get real time status updates of when your customers have reviewed and signed the document. Once all have signed, everyone involved gets a copy of the signed document via email. Basically, you have turned an annoying 20-minute process into a 2-minute enjoyable experience. Now that is cool-o-roonie.

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