Be Who You Want to Be with Signeato

E-signature Way of Life

E-signatures are rapidly becoming the norm in everyday business. Just like with any technology, e-signatures are not just for big business anymore and are being utilized by everyday people. Therefore, it is important to portray the image you wish to convey to your customers or the people you deal with.

Signeato’s branding feature is loved by many of our customers because it allows them to portray the brand and image they want their signees to see.

Whether you are a contractor, business professional, soccer mom, or just a groovy dude, you’ll love our branding feature.

Make it easy for your customers to do business with you

Help Your Customer do Business with You

The internet has made all of us adapt to a fast pace “at your finger tips” society. Therefore, chances are your customers are utilizing technology at a fast pace. They have probably e-signed documents before and found how convenient and easy it is.

So, would your customer appreciate you providing convenient and easy ways to do business with you?

If so, Signeato is a great way to make signing your documents easy and convenient for your customer while providing a professional interface that makes them think you’ve got it going on.


Stellar Date Stamps! Signeato Implements Standardized E-Signature Dates

Today, we released our date stamp feature. Hey, what good is a signature if you don’t assign a date, right? Well now you can place date/time targets where you need dates to display. Once the signee has signed, the date will automatically be applied to the target. Boom! There’s your date.

You’ll see a little bit more than just a standard date since our date feature is based off of the ¬†common document standards which are more legal in court.

Happy E-Signing!

Make Signeato your own with our Personalized E-Signature Branding

Customizable and Personalized Branding now Available

If you are a business, chances are you have a brand that you are trying to convey.¬†You are now able to customize the look of your Signeato by uploading your logo and picking your company colors. Therefore, your customers will see the professional style and e-signature branding that fits your company’s needs.

personalized professional branding


How to sign your own PDF.

Below is a screenshot of your Signeato Dashboard. Once you create an account, you simply pick from one of the two buttons. Pick “Sign Your Own PDF” if you wish to upload a document and sign it on the spot. Or, click “Have Others Sign Your PDF” if you wish to have others sign your document via email. Just that easy. Catch my drift?

Have you heard about Signeato?

E-signing documents is continuing to become ever more popular due to the convenience it provides. However, there is still a perception that electronically signing documents is only for big business. Signeato is determined to change this. Signeato was designed to be as simple as possible knowing that our users want the utmost in reliability and ease.

e-signing for normal people

Implement your brand

We are working on a feature where you will be able to brand your company on all Signeato end user screens. Therefore, all interactive screens will have your logo and company colors. This will help in portraying a professional and seamless user experience.

Signeato Integrates with Contractor’s Cloud

Today, Signeato integrates with Contractor’s Cloud. Contractor’s Cloud is a specialty trade construction CRM and data management system designed specifically for sales oriented general contractors. Many of Contractor’s Cloud customers are roofing, siding, and exterior remodeling companies. Since many of Contractor’s Cloud customers do their business in the field, they need a solution to sign contracts, change orders, and other documents quickly and easily. Signeato is the perfect choice for Contractor’s Cloud and we are proud to integrate and partner with their system.

Contractor's Cloud does e-signing

Signeato Pricing is Neato

With Signeato, you can have unlimited signatures and unlimited users with NO CONTRACTS!

Our pricing is simple. The cost is only $2 per document. We have a plethora or promotions and programs available that can make the cost even lower. Many of our competitors require you to sign up with a monthly fee and they typically have a limit of signatures per month. No us. Cuz we’re groovy.